Merlin helps identify melanoma patients
who have a low risk for nodal metastasis

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Crucial tumor insight for personalized melanoma care

The Merlin Test is a diagnostic tool that incorporates clinicopathologic and gene expression variables.

Merlin enables physicians to deselect SLNB-eligible melanoma patients due to their low-risk for nodal metastasis and may therefore avoid unnecessary invasive SLNB surgery.

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About the test

Jointly developed by SkylineDx and the Mayo Clinic, the Merlin gene expression profiling Test has been validated in multicenter clinical trials in the U.S. and EU. Merlin utilizes a powerful genomic-based algorithm to help identify patients at high risk of metastasis from those at low risk. Patients at low risk may safely forgo SLNB, while patients at higher risk may benefit from the SLNB surgery.

About Our Name

The Merlin gene expression profiling Test takes its name from a bird of prey in the Falcon family, composed of intelligent species with unparalleled detection skills. Like its namesake, the Merlin gene expression profiling Test is unique in its ability to detect targets, unveiling insights into the genomic, biologic, and clinical nature of a patient’s melanoma.